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Doyan Screen Printing was established in October 1999 and manufactured pre-stretched frames, which made us absorb extensive knowledge and expertise in screen printing industry. With the expansion of our screen printing product business, we noticed that our pre-stretched frames have a striking resemblance to solder paste stencils. In November 2010, Doyan began to produce SMT aluminum frames and meshed frames for domestic PCB assemblers and stencil suppliers. After 5 years’ producing SMT pre-streched frames, we purchased one laser system from LPKF. With their high aperture cutting speed combined with state of the art fiber optic cutting technology, we rapidly gained large proportion of domestic market and became one of the leading SMT stencil manufacturers.

Advantages of Doyan Screen Printing

The only SMT manufacturer in north China: The lowest labour, land and material cost in China ensures that you receive the best possible product at best price.

The newest technology: Fully equipped with German LPKF SLG 6080 ensures maximum precision and reliable delivery.

On-time delivery: The delivery can be made in two days when Gerber file was received and using fast package delivery companies.

Experienced CAD engineers: Doyan currently offers our customers CAD engineers who have a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise in designing stencils.

Large variety of stencils: Doyan can offer stencils made in electroforming or nano-coating.

Main Products of Doyan:

SMT Aluminum Frame

 SMT Stencil Frame

 Framed/Frameless Laser Cutting Stencil

 Framed/Frameless Electroformed Stencil

 Framed/Frameless Nano-coating Stencil

 Framed/Frameless Multilevel Stencil


We know the nature of SMT.
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