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Nano-coating Stencil

Nano-coating is an alternative to electroformed stencil and has become the trend in PCB assembly industry. To meet this demand, Doyan has the ability to coat SMT stencils and step stencils in an in-house process since 2006. The nano-coating coating is applied on the bottom side of the SMT stencil and apertures, and the squeegee side stays uncoated.

Fine Grain stainless steel with superior fatigue strength, super smooth surface and elevated wear factor

Superior paste release below surface area ratios of 0.5

Higher performance and lower cost compared to electroform, the option of step stencils



Duyan applies nano-coating to the bottom side (printed circuit board side, PCB) and inside every aperture. The coating layer thickness is less than 2µm. This addictive manufacturing process provides a non-stick surface that not only reduces the number of cleaning cycles required during the paste printing process, but also improves paste transfer efficiency for very small openings. The upper side (squeegee side) is left uncoated in order to ensure proper rolling of the solder paste.



Reduced bridging

 Reduced underside cleaning

 Improved solder paste release

 Improved yield


Technology 100% Laser Cut
Material (foil) FG foil
Suitable Application Surface Area Ratios down to 0.45
Positional Accuracy ± 0.008%
Aperture Tolerances ± 8µ (0.0003")
Thickness Available 0.003", 0.004", 0.005", 0.006"

*Other thicknesses are available on request.


We know the nature of SMT.
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