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Aluminum Meshed Frames

Based on 19-year producing experience in stencil frames or meshed frames, Doyan has become the leading producer in domestic and foreign markets. Our daily output of stencil frames is at least 500 pieces, which makes our clients never worry about delay. As for stencil frame quality, Doyan uses 6063T5 alloy, polyester mesh and AB AICA glue, which definitely satisfies any PCB assembler’s demand.

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Stencil frame (pre-meshed stencil frame or aluminum meshed frame) is a rigid frame stretched with top quality and low elongation polyester mesh. Aluminum frame and polyester mesh are bonded with AB AICA glue, ensuring mesh to bear tensile forces above 40N/mm². Thus, it is easy and time-saving for stencil manufacturers or users to mount stencil foils on aluminum meshed frames and never worry foil distortion for dense aperture. And stencil manufacturers can deliver the best framed stencils (glue-in stencils) to PCB assemblers without worrying about unexpected stencil failures that cause SMT process delays and ultimately cost money. (Doyan Aluminum Frame Test Report)


Frame Specification:

Aluminum Grade Alloy of 6101 Advantages
• 6063 T5 aluminum
• Fine polished
• AICA glue: longevity and high temperature resistance
• High quality polyester mesh
• High tensile strength: over 40N/mm²
Frame Size 29x29, 23x23, 20x20, 12x17, 15x15, 12x12, 10x10, 8x10 (custom size on request)
Wall Thickness 1mm to 3mm
Finish Surface Polished
Size Tolerance ±1mm


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