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Laser Cutting Stencil

Doyan manufactures SMT stencils since 2006. In strained condition with a cutting opening of 20µm, an aperture size accuracy of ±3µm and an aperture positioning accuracy of ±10µm, we guarantee we only produce the highest-quality SMT stencils. All laser cut SMT stencils undergo a brushing process to remove the minimal cutting burr on the laser exit side. This insures a constant stencil thickness of ±3% and no enlargement of apertures. For fine structures with an area ratio<0.66 we recommend the use of our nano-coating SMT stencil.




Doyan is the only manufacturer of Solder Paste Stencils in northern China. We use German LPKF SLG 6080 for a consistently high quality cut. The system has been specifically designed to manufacture stainless steel SMD solder paste and adhesive stencils. The result is a stencil of unsurpassed quality and accuracy.



Technology 100% laser cutAdvantages:
• Framed stencils have a longer operating life.
• Convenient to handle at workplace.
• Stencil maintains constant tension.
• Convenient if there is no tensioning system.
• Reconfiguration time for a new type of PCB printing is reduced.
Material (foil) FG foil
Stencil Thickness 0.001″ to 0.030″
Minimum Cut Size 0.4mm (0.016″)
Maximum Size 29″×29″
Aperture Tolerance within 0.00025″
Allow for Fiducial Data Yes
Allow for Panelized Data Yes


We know the nature of SMT.
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