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Aluminum Frame

Based on 19-year producing experience in aluminum frames, Doyan has become the leading producer in domestic and foreign markets. Our daily output of aluminum frames is at least 500 pieces, which makes our clients never worry about delay. As for aluminum frame quality, Doyan uses 6063T5 alloy which is not only RoHS environmental but has balanced wall thickness to prevent frame distortion when pre-stretched. Every corner is welded and polished to smooth and watertight finish. The mesh side is sandblasted to create excellent mesh/glue/frame adhesion.




DOYAN, the leading producer of SMT stencils, produces a full range of aluminium frames which are widely used in the screen printing industry, particularly in the PCB assembly industry. All aluminum frames are extruded from the highest grade 6063 T5 aluminum hand welded, ensuring a strong structure and durable life. This means longer lasting, higher tension screens with less denting from press clamping. Thus, aluminium frame is extremely strong and can bear tensile forces above 40N/mm². All frame corners are polished to a smooth finish.


Frame Specification

Aluminum Grade 6063T5 (ROHS)


 • Stable handling

 • Longevity and durability

 • High tensile strength

 • Low net weight

Aluminum Density 2.69g/cm2
Hardness 14.3HW
Extension Strength σb(MPa):≥205
Yield Strength σ0.2(MPa):≥107
Elongation δ5(%):≥9V
Finish Surface Polished
Size Tolerance ±1mm

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