SMT Stencil FAQs
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SMT Stencil FAQs

736*736 mm PCBA aluminum SMT frame with mesh and SS metal SMT stencil

What is the Features of our SMT stencil?
1,laser cut electronic polish stencil
2,Frame suface smooth and clean.
3,34-38N high tension mesh, super ware resistant.
4. AB AICA glue, high temperature resistant to 300 ℃.
5,Smooth surface of aperture wall, no burr.
6,Good hydrophobicity characteristic, easy to clean.
Framed stencils or glue-in stencils are designed for high-volume screen printing on PCBs, They are permanently mounted inside the frame using a mesh border to evenly stretch the foil taut like the frameless stencils, these also have smooth aperture walls that
work well for ultra fine pitches and micro BGAS.BEST fabricates framed SMT stencils for a variety of stencil printers and can deliver them in a timely fashion.


We know the nature of SMT.
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