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SMT Stencil FAQs

SMT Printing Stencil Benefits

SMT Printing Stencil is a stencil made by using a precise thinning process to produce a variety of thicknesses of stencil materials and applying polishing stencils. What are the advantages of SMT printing stencil in our production?

1、High quality and good material

The top SMT Printing Stencil is made of special rigid aircraft aluminum, and each frame is assembled on a case-by-case basis, so it can guarantee the high quality of the stencil, and secondly, the stencil will be strictly tested in accordance with standard procedures before leaving the factory, so that no defective products will flow out of the factory.

2、Strong vibration resistance and lightweight


High-quality SMT Printing Stencil has the outstanding characteristics of strong shock resistance and lightweight, because the stencil internal shock-absorbing measures, so, when moving and using can better ensure that it will not be damaged, and secondly, and the weight of the traditional stencil comparison, the weight of the ladder stencil seems more advantageous, because the SMD components and parts are smaller, so its weight will be relatively light. Then its weight will also be relatively light.

3, the production process is excellent and low price

 SMT Printing Stencil is produced by exquisite processing technology, in every detail are strictly controlled, so can ensure that the stencil can have a longer service life, in addition, the stencil is also recognized for its unique price advantage, its price will be strictly in accordance with market standards to develop, so as to provide consumers with a more affordable price of the ladder stencil So this is also its characteristic.

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