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SMT Stencil FAQs

How to clean SMT stencil

  SMT stencil in use before, during, and after the use of a cleaning, and we generally speaking the cleaning method is to use SMT stencil cleaning machine cleaning, the following Lin Chuan precision for you to bring in recent years to save time and effort cleaning methods: 1.

  1. Wipe  

    Use a pre-soaked cleaning agent lint-free rag (or special stencil wipe paper) to wipe the stencil to remove the cured solder paste or adhesive.  

    Features are convenience, no time limit, and low cost;  

    The disadvantage is that it can not thoroughly clean the stencil, especially the dense pitch stencil.  

    In addition, some presses come with an automatic wipe function that can be set to automatically wipe the bottom of the stencil after several prints. This process is also with a special stencil wipe paper, and the action before the machine will first spray cleaning agent on the paper.  

  2. Ultrasonic cleaning.
  Ultrasonic cleaning mainly has two types of immersion and spray type, and some manufacturers use a semi-automatic type of ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the stencil. 


SMT stencil ultrasonic cleaning machine

  The ultrasonic cleaning process is generally as follows.

  1. Ultrasonic + solvent cleaning  

    Flux, tin powder emulsification effect occurs, suspended in the solvent  

  2. Solvent is completely filtered and transferred  

    5μm cartridge filtering tin powder and flux emulsification particles to ensure that the solvent back to the best state  

  3. Fresh water spraying and rinsing  

    Clearwater further rinses the water-based solvent residue  

   4. Air knife blowing dry  

  A high-pressure air knife blows away the residual water on the surface of the stencil.

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