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What are the advantages of SMT stencil?

What are the advantages of SMT stencil?

Laser-cut stencils are perforated to form openings by dissolving stainless steel through the high energy of the laser due to the high concentration of laser energy. This causes the laser stencil to have metal slag at the edge of the opening and will have a hole wall edge that is not smooth and straight, which causes difficulties for the printing of solder paste under the tin. To improve this disadvantage of the laser stencil is now electropolishing to achieve the purpose. Its advantages are as follows.

  1, SMT stencil electropolishing can improve the cleanliness of the bottom surface of the stencil;

  2, electrolytic polishing can achieve the surface roughness and the original surface roughness, generally can be improved by two levels;

smt stencil

  3, the polished surface will not produce a degradation layer, so that the stencil flatter, no additional stress, and can remove or reduce the original stress layer.

  4, hard materials, soft materials and thin-walled, complex shapes, small parts, and products that are difficult to use mechanical polishing can be processed.

  5, SMT stencil electropolishing while polishing the hole wall, can make the surface friction reduction, the good release of solder paste and reduce the cavity;

  6, SMT stencil polishing time is short and can polish multiple pieces at the same time, high production efficiency.

  7, After the laser stencil is electropolished, the slag and burr in the hole wall will be removed or improved in the solution, which will improve the stencil's ability to put down.

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